National PELRA Board of Directors | Candidate Questionnaire

Deadline: Sunday, February 25, 2024

Thank you for your interest in serving on the National PELRA Board of Directors. By completing this form, you are acknowledging your interest to serve as a director for a current, or future, planned vacancy voted upon and filled during the annual business meeting. We are looking for a candidate that meets the qualifications and is interested and able to serve 6-years as a director (two consecutive terms in three-year durations), after which then serving as an officer of the Association. The total service and commitment on the board may span 12-years if all directors fulfill positions and terms. 

This questionnaire is designed to summarize the qualifications for candidate consideration for the National PELRA Board of Directors. Please complete the application and submit along with your letter of interest to serve on the Board of Directors. New directors are required to complete the National PELRA Conflict of Interest Policy form, and all directors shall complete on an annual basis throughout service.

The Committee shall strongly consider the following aspects of each candidate that includes demonstrated commitment and past contributions to the National PELRA, geographical representation, membership status held, and the type of agency represented by the nominee in an attempt to achieve a similar balance of these factors on the Board as exists in the active membership. These criteria may further be broken into illustrative competencies as:

  • Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making – Professional achievements
  • Leadership – Individual who leads with accountability, honesty and integrity
  • Interpersonal and Communications Skills – Effectively manages, respects and values differences and ability to build consensus among diverse groups.

Should you have any questions regarding serving on the board, please contact Nominations Committee Chairperson Lisa Powell, and any questions or issues with completing the form shall be sent to executive director Andrew Haines.

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Personal Information

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Place answers here, if applicable, to the following questions:

  1. Do you belong to a state PELRA chapter?
  2. Have you been a leadership member/director of a State PELRA board?
  3. Which position did you service, if applicable?

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Application Information

Upload a personal letter of interest for the Nomination Committee's review

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Enter your prior National or State PELRA service, activities, assignments that are applicable to and support your application. 

Enter "N/A" if no applicable experiences.

Participation as a National PELRA Board of Director should be expected to consume time; therefore, it is critical that you have a transparent discussion in advance with your employer as it involves support for your involvement with National PELRA activities. A Board Member is expected to attend quarterly Board meetings that are usually held on Saturdays and attend the Annual Training Conference (ATC). This means Board meeting travel typically occurs on the associated Friday and Sunday. Additionally, Board members are expected to participate in additional phone/video conferences as well as committee work projects and/or chair specific committees that support and promote organization objectives. Your employer’s financial support for National PELRA service is not a criterion for selection to the Board of Directors, however employer support or at least agreement concerning the necessary paid time off for Board travel is an important consideration for most members (paid leave coverage or at least accrued leave availability). National PELRA will not provide any cost offset for loss of income due to a lack of agency support or available accrued paid leave time for service as a director. If agency financial support is not available, directors will be reimbursed for travel expenses, including lodging, to quarterly Board meetings, but excluding the ATC. Reimbursement for attending the two Board meetings associated with the ATC include hotel room expenses for up to two nights. ATC registration fees and associated travel shall be borne by the Member’s agency or the member themselves and not reimbursed by National PELRA.

Will your employer/agency:

1. YES: Allow you additional paid time to travel to Board meetings?
1. NO: Allow you additional paid time to travel to Board meetings?
1a. If NO, I have approval and commit to the personal time.
2. YES: Support travel expenses?
2. NO: Support travel expenses?

Upload a document listing at least three (3) professional references (Name/email/phone#) who can attest to your professional experiences and qualifications.

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List other professional associations and accomplishments to highlight your application.

Please provide additional information, if any, that you believe is relevant and supportive to your application.

Miscellaneous information to upload, if any, to further support not already uploaded.

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By typing my name here, I, the above applicant, acknowledge the criteria and expectations for the National PELRA Board of Directors outlined in the application, and further confirm that all submitted information is an accurate and true representation of my skills and experiences. I further acknowledge that the Nomination Committee reserves the right to request additional information of applicants, as well as inquire about details for clarification, if any, that will require my follow up.