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The National Public Employer Labor Relations Association presents the Award of Excellence to an individual who has made an outstanding career contribution to the management role in public sector labor relations. The Award of Excellence represents National PELRA's highest acknowledgement of the recipient's dedication and achievement in the development of positive labor-management relations. It signifies professional efforts resulting in successful labor relations over an extended period of time. The following criteria and eligibility requirements have been established and will be used to evaluate the nominations.



The nominee must have demonstrated his/her commitment to public sector labor relations in developing successful responses to new and unusual challenges. This may include leadership roles in meeting the challenges for his/her employer, professional organizations, or developing, sponsoring, or promoting progressive legislation.

Professional Accomplishments:

A nominee must demonstrate he/she has contributed to the field of public sector labor relations and human resources. The nominee's contributions should have evolved and occurred over a number of years rather than a single dramatic event, however individuals accomplishing the latter may also be considered. Contributions may also include professional papers or articles written as well as participation in National PELRA at both the national and chapter levels. A nominee may also demonstrate his/her professional accomplishments through the receipt of awards or commendations for addressing unique challenges or assuming a strategic role in resolving major conflicts or organizational changes.


The nominee must also demonstrate he/she has achieved success as a professional in public sector labor relations and human resources over a number of years. The majority of the nominee's experience should be in the public sector. This experience can be demonstrated through a career of increased responsibilities and/or demonstrated abilities to meet challenges through contributions which are innovative and which establish stable, mature, and effective relationships between management and labor.


The nominee must be a current or previous member of National PELRA for a number of years. The nominee may not be a current office or board member of National PELRA. Nominations must be for individual National PELRA members; organizations or jurisdictions are not eligible.


  • Active National PELRA members or State PELRA organizations may submit nominations.
  • Entries should be submitted on the attached, or similar, application. If additional space is needed, please limit the information to one additional sheet.
  • Nominations should focus on the award criteria and clearly outline the nominee's achievements in those areas.
  • Only electronic applications will be accepted. Do not mail copies.
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Please outline relevant public sector work experience:

What contributions has the applicant made to the field of public sector human resources management? Include the development of successful responses to challenges in labor relations.

Please confirm the nominee's length of time as a National PELRA member, as well as describe the nominee's accomplishments over their career. Accomplishments can be a single dramatic accomplishment as well as career achievements, and why the Committee should consider it.

Please list or attach information on any publications or National PELRA or Chapter programs, seminars, or other documented professional presentations.

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Describe the major contributions the nominee has made toward developing stable, mature, and ongoing relationships between labor and management.

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