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The PACESETTER AWARD is presented by the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association to individuals, groups or organizations who have demonstrated particularly innovative leadership in public sector labor relations. The PACESETTER AWARD recognizes those individuals who, through their professional achievements, have successfully developed a new tool or technique for use in resolving conflicts, addressing new challenges, or assisting others in their growth in public sector labor relations and human resources. PACESETTERS are role models who serve as resources to others in the field.


  • The award may be given to one or more individuals and/or to an organization.
  • At least one of the individual award recipients from an organization must be a National PELRA member.
  • The award recipient may not be a current member of the National PELRA Board.
  • The Nominations Committee may present up to five (5) awards in any given year.
  • This award is not used to recognize contributions to National PELRA.


  • The nominee(s) should have demonstrated a commitment and leadership in the field of public sector labor relations.
  • Emphasis should be on a specific, innovative accomplishment or set of accomplishments achieved over the past 12 to 24 months. The accomplishments should be directly related to the field of public sector labor relations. Examples may include innovative contract language, unique approaches to addressing new or old problems, and creative efforts in labor-management relations or innovative contributions to a State PELRA.
  • Documentation and information should be included with the nomination materials.


  • Active National PELRA members or State PELRA organizations may submit nominations.
  • Entries should be submitted on the attached application.
  • If additional space is needed, please limit the information to one additional sheet.
  • Only electronic applications will be accepted. Do not mail copies.
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Outline in detail the reasons and basis for the nomination. Please focus on the specific accomplishment(s) and the contributions this nominee has made toward providing innovative solutions or leadership in the last 12 to 24 months.

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